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Dylan / SV: Ny Dylan-intervju december 2022
« Senaste inlägg av Tobias skrivet 19 december, 2022, 23:09:10 »
Nu är den även publicerad på officiella hemsidan (i lite annan form än i WSJ:s nätupplaga):

Dylan / Ny Dylan-intervju december 2022
« Senaste inlägg av Tobias skrivet 19 december, 2022, 20:42:15 »
Jeff Slate har intervjuat Bob Dylan för The Wall Street Journal.
Dylan / SV: Chronicles - Bob Dylan Tribute Band - Live
« Senaste inlägg av Slim skrivet 07 december, 2022, 18:26:18 »
Tyvärr blir det ingen spelning med Chronicles - Bob Dylan Tribute Band nu på lördag 10 december på KoM Bar i Göteborg.
Orsaken är sjukdom. Lite snuva hade gått an, men fullskalig influensa går inte. Vi beklagar detta och hoppas vi kan göra ett nytt försök efter nyår.
Med vänliga hälsningar
Jonas & Chronicles
Dylan / SV: The Bootleg Series Vol 17 - Fragments: Time Out of Mind Sessions (1996 - 1997)
« Senaste inlägg av Swamprat skrivet 06 december, 2022, 11:51:05 »
Nu har jag lyssnat på det där klippet hur många gånger som helst. Blir inte lite otålig på 10:an, hehe. Och ljudet. Känns som att Jack Frost varit framme och dragit ner mellanregisterreglaget och upp med bas o diskant.....precis som man själv gjorde när man körde med equalizer på 80-talet :party:
Dylan / SV: Chronicles - Bob Dylan Tribute Band - Live
« Senaste inlägg av Slim skrivet 02 december, 2022, 16:11:40 »
Lördag 10 december kl 20 spelar jag och bandet Chronicles kända och mindre kända låtar av Bob Dylan.
Platsen är KoM Bar på Karl Johansgatan i Göteborg. Missa inte det!
Temat för kvällen är ’Namn’, vilket innebär att det som framförs är kopplat till alla möjliga karaktärer och platser som det berättas om till låtarna.
Vad har A-kassan med en Dylanlåt att göra? Vilka boxare finns det låtar om? Vem var herr tamburinman egentligen?                           
Mycket varmt välkomna! Ring KoM och boka bord på 031-147222 eller 0723-962644 eller web: http://kommusikbar.se/.
Vi finns på Facebook, SoundCloud och YouTube, sök på Chronicles - Bob Dylan Tribute Band.
Dylan / SV: The Bootleg Series Vol 17 - Fragments: Time Out of Mind Sessions (1996 - 1997)
« Senaste inlägg av Anders S skrivet 29 november, 2022, 22:40:30 »
Här kan man jämföra originalmixen av "Dirt Road Blues" med remixen från 2022  :party: :d5:

Dirt Road Blues Mixes
Dylan / SV: ”The philosophy of modern song” - ny bok av Bob Dylan
« Senaste inlägg av Tobias skrivet 26 november, 2022, 02:19:16 »
Det har uppstått en skandal gällande denna bok. Förlaget Simon & Schuster har sålt en "signerad" upplaga för 600 dollar (ca 6000 svenska kronor). Det kunde ganska snart slås fast att Dylans autograf i böckerna var skrivna med "autopen", en maskin som imiterar en namnteckning. Simon & Schuster erbjöd snart pengarna tillbaka till alla köpare och nu har Bob Dylan gått ut med en ursäkt, undertecknad i eget namn men inte signerad:

To my fans and followers,

I’ve been made aware that there’s some controversy about signatures on some of my recent artwork prints and on a limited-edition of Philosophy Of Modern Song. I’ve hand-signed each and every art print over the years, and there’s never been a problem.

However, in 2019 I had a bad case of vertigo and it continued into the pandemic years. It takes a crew of five working in close quarters with me to help enable these signing sessions, and we could not find a safe and workable way to complete what I needed to do while the virus was raging. So, during the pandemic, it was impossible to sign anything and the vertigo didn’t help. With contractual deadlines looming, the idea of using an auto-pen was suggested to me, along with the assurance that this kind of thing is done ‘all the time’ in the art and literary worlds.

Using a machine was an error in judgment and I want to rectify it immediately. I’m working with Simon & Schuster and my gallery partners to do just that.

With my deepest regrets,
Bob Dylan
Dylan / SV: The Bootleg Series Vol 17 - Fragments: Time Out of Mind Sessions (1996 - 1997)
« Senaste inlägg av Swamprat skrivet 20 november, 2022, 19:03:51 »
Beställde också 10:an. Valet blev inte så svårt när jag såg att det skulle tas runt 1500:- för cd-boxen.
Dylan / SV: The Bootleg Series Vol 17 - Fragments: Time Out of Mind Sessions (1996 - 1997)
« Senaste inlägg av Anders S skrivet 19 november, 2022, 16:37:12 »
Några rader från Steven Hyden, som skrivit liner notes  :party:

Some Thoughts On The Forthcoming "Time Out Of Mind" Box Set (And How I Ended Up Contributing To It)
This is a great entry in Bob Dylan's Bootleg Series but I have no critical distance on this one ...
Steven Hyden, Nov 17
On January 27, Columbia Records will release Fragments — Time Out Of Mind Sessions (1996-1997): The Bootleg Series Vol. 17. This deluxe five-disc set (or 10 LPs) — I’ll just quote the press release now — “unveils [the] Time Out of Mind 2022 Remix + previously unreleased recordings including studio outtakes, alternate versions and live performances (1997-2001) of songs penned by Dylan for 1998's Grammy-Winning Album of the Year.” Oh, and it includes liner notes written by … me? Yes, me! Whoa!

Most of the people who listen to Fragments will stream it. If they actually buy this thing, they probably won’t read the liner notes. And if they do read the liner notes, they won’t care who wrote them. I understand all of this. All of this does not matter to me. To say I was honored to be asked to contribute in a small way to The Bootleg Series — which I have been collecting for about 25 years now, investing many dollars and hours of my life along the way — is a massive understatement. I can declare without reservation that there is nothing I’ve done in my career that’s made me feel prouder. Some things are tied with this, but nothing tops having some of my words tucked inside of a Bob freaking Dylan album. And not just any album, either. I would have happily written notes for a deluxe box set honoring the anniversary of Christmas In The Heart. But having the opportunity to write about Time Out Of Mind — an absolutely critical landmark in my life as a Dylan head, and my life as a listener in general — was an opportunity I frankly could not believe was presented to me. I hope I did the album, and the project, the justice it deserves.

I don’t want to say too much about the box set in advance, but I will share a few things: First, as a lover of Time Out Of Mind, I think Jeff Rosen and his team did a really great job with this box set. Because, like all Dylan fans, I am greedy for as much Bob as I can get, I would have loved to have gotten more live material. (I did play the obnoxious fan card at one point and begged for a future Neverending Tour box set.) But there is always the potential for more with Bob. It’s perhaps better to appreciate what was actually delivered. On that count, I can confirm there is a lot of treasure to be found amid the outtakes.

A quick word on the new mix: I think it should be stressed that the new mix is not intended to “replace” the old Time Out Of Mind. It was clear from my conversations with his camp that this new mix is supposed to simply provide a different view of a classic record. Personally, I adore Daniel Lanois’ maximalist production of the original record. But I know not everybody likes to go with “the full Lanois,” so to speak. For those people, this mix should provide an appealing alternative that is more direct, organic, and live-sounding. In my mind it’s what Time Out Of Mind would have sounded like if it had been produced by Jack Frost.

As for the essay I wrote, I think the reason I was approached is that I am a relatively “young” Dylan fan. Now, I am a 45-year-old dude, so relatively “young” in this context really only means “not a boomer.” But I was actually young when Time Out Of Mind came out. I had just turned 20, and I had only recently become a Bob fanatic, buying up arm loads of Dylan albums from the local used CD store every time I got a new paycheck from my summer job. When Time Of Of Mind dropped, it was the first “event” Dylan record of my life. And it ended up affecting me in a big way. Not just in terms of Bob Dylan, but also for what I wanted out of other records that attempted to sift through the mud and blood of the past while peering into a foreboding future.

Anyway, I write a lot more about this in the notes. And since I want people to purchase this thing — mainly for the benefit of Mr. Rosen, who was very nice to me! — I should probably stop now. But I’ll just say again that I am really happy to be a part of this. My heart’s truly in the highlands.
Dylan / SV: The Bootleg Series Vol 17 - Fragments: Time Out of Mind Sessions (1996 - 1997)
« Senaste inlägg av Anders S skrivet 18 november, 2022, 18:57:31 »
Härliga nyheter :d2:

Jag har beställt "10:an" från BD.com, kunde inte låta bli  :d4: :d1:

246 kr i frakt och 0 kr i "taxes", än så länge  :mellow:
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